Realization of an automatic line for the production of breadsticks

In September 2018, we were entrusted with the study and realization of a large fully automatic line for the production of breadsticks deposited on pans…

Accepting this assignment was a challenge for SAMI Développement SA, considering the very complex technical content of the installation. To meet our client’s expectations, it took about two years between planning, implementation, installation and commissioning.

The relevant points for this implementation were the following:

  • a complete line that occupies a modern building of 240m in length on 4 levels;
  • the weighing system for part of the dough;
  • ultrasonic blade cutting units;
  • storage systems and their management at the exit of the furnace;
  • a short site implementation schedule that sees the construction of the building and the commissioning of the production line in less than 12 months;
  • a treated volume of 500 kg of dough production per hour.

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