Ars Pan Industriale srl

Ars Pan Industriale srl

Ars Pan Industriale s.r.l. is a company that deals with the conception and production of automatic, industrial and semi-industrial machines and plants for bakery and pastry, but not only.

There are lot of machines designed and manufactured by Ars Pan Industriale s.r.l., such as the following ones:

  • Make-up Lines for Hydrated and Leavened Dough
  • Dropping, Moulding and Coupling Machines
  • Multiple Leavening Proofer’s Solutions
  • Different Types of Retracting Loading Belts
  • Tunnel Oven for Baking and Toasting
  • Automatic Loading and Unloading of Baking Tunnel Oven
  • Ultrasonic Cutting Machines
  • Salt and Seed Distributors
  • Handling Robot
  • Cooling Stations
  • Automatisms for Line Fulfilment

Among the various types of products that can be made thanks to these systems there are, for example, different types of bread such as, baguettes, focaccia, breadsticks, pizza, bread for hamburgers and hot dogs, biscuits, macarons, panettoni, pretzel, tourteau fromagé, quiche lorraine, knackebrot, and much more.

To meet and satisfy the specific needs of each customer, Ars Pan Industriale s.r.l. is constantly committed to finding, for each of them, the best customized solutions, that adapt and fulfill every type of request.

To discover more, visit our official website Ars Pan Industriale s.r.l.

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