Who we are

Who we are

SAMI DÉVELOPPEMENT SA is a company founded in 2020: specializing mainly in the agri-food sector, but with a good presence also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, it is the subsidiary of a group of companies, Italian and Swiss ones, operating in various production activities, including:

  • Design, engineering, construction and assembly of industrial automatic and semi-automatic machines and production plants
  • Software design for automation and industrial robotics applications
  • Electrical engineering, industrial automation and civil applications
  • Storage, transport, dosing and automation systems of raw materials

Starting from 2015, after years of collaboration and implementation of several projects developed in synergy, this group of companies decides to work on the creation of their own branch.

This is how SAMI DÉVELOPPEMENT SA was born, with the aim of sharing technical, professional and design experiences from the agri-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors of all the companies belonging to the group, so as to guarantee customers a better service and innovative and increasingly advanced technical solutions.

The sharing of the working methods of the team also allows an enrichment of the design and production processes that guarantee the customer greater efficiency and professionalism.

Working in synergy also means a better effectiveness in the management of the purchases and an optimization of the times of planning, with the result of a greater profit to the benefit of the final customer.

Thanks to this collaboration, companies make available to customers a total of over 160 years of experience and more than 820 installations carried out in different European and non-European markets.

Our philosophy makes us say that the passion in the work we do is what unites us: it is the basis of all our activities and, together with our skills, it is what allows us to constantly progress and develop new projects.

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