Sami Développement SA is a company founded at the beginning of 2020: specialized in industrial plant engineering, mainly in the agri-food sector, but also with a good presence in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical sectors, it is the subsidiary of a group of companies, Italian and Swiss ones, operating in different productive activities.

Working in synergy means being more effective in the management of the materials purchases and an optimization of the desing times, with the result of a greater profit to the benefit of the final Customer.

“The passion for our work is what unites us: that is the basis of all our activities and, together with our skills, it is what allows us to constantly progress and develop new projects”.

Together we represent 160 years of experience, with the realization of over 820 special plants all over the world.

Systems and Solutions

In this section you will be able to discover, for each company belonging to the Sami Développement SA Group, which are the Systems and Solutions that each of them is able to offer for the satisfaction of the final Customer.

Ars Pan Industriale srl
Wide range of customized, complete and automated machinery and equipment for the agri-food sector, in particular in the fields of industrial and semi-industrial pastry and bakery.
Lami SA
LAMI SA, present since 1987 in Martigny, Switzerland, is a reference office. Our company is active in the fields of electrical engineering, automation and supervision of industrial processes and data, operating equipment and safety, home automation and renewable energy.
Lami Ing Eur SRL
In 2016 Lami SA opened Lami Ing Eur SRL in Romania. For more than 25 years we have been working with the CORNU Group in the planning, design, construction, automation, commissioning and operation support of complete production lines. We plan and build complex buildings, road, rail and industrial infrastructure.      


In this section you will be able to find all the updates on Sami Développement SA

21 September 2021
GastroPan 2021

GastroPan 2021

SAMI Développement SA, together with its partner Ars Pan Industriale srl and Lami ING-EUR, will participate in the exhibition “Expo Gastropan2021” from 21 to 23 September 2021 in Arad, Romania…

11 January 2021
Realization of an automatic line for the production of breadsticks

Realization of an automatic line for the production of breadsticks

In September 2018, we were entrusted with the study and realization of a large fully automatic line for the production of breadsticks deposited on pans…

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