Lami SA

Lami SA

Created in 1987 in Martigny, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, to process the electrical engineering of the industrial world, our company today advises and follows the development of several production sites in the field of agro-food in Switzerland and around the world.

When our company begins its activity, some major achievements are entrusted to it, especially in the wine sector.

For example, the construction of a complete «Revamping» with an automatic storage warehouse of wine pallets (8000 pallet places) for our areas of expertise with, above all, the recovery of all electrical systems, the automation and IT supervision part: this allows us to develop in this sector, as well as in that of production lines, the skills in the treatment of products (processes) and packaging.

After wine and water, our company carries out several mandates for one of the world leaders in beer, with operations in Switzerland but also abroad (Angola, Senegal, Chad, Azerbaijan, etc.).

Already in 1990, we diversified our skills and began a collaboration in bakery products with the CORNU group in Switzerland. Our good knowledge of manufacturing processes leads us to participate to the phenomenal development that this company is experiencing. The construction of the buildings and production lines in Fontain were entrusted to us in 2000. Then, with the acquisition by the group of factories in Alsace (France) and in Morat (Switzerland), various operations on several product lines to modernize, bring up-to-standard or adapt to a structure-specific production technology for all machines are part of our achievements.

From 2016 until 2020, we support the CORNU Group in its development in Europe, with the construction of buildings in Romania, as well as two production lines. Our mandate, in addition to that of AMO (Assistance to the Owner), sees all the works of the electricity part, that is strong current, weak current, instrumentation automation, general conduct with the putting into operation and the assistance necessary to the production.

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