Linea 52 – Breadsticks production – Timisoara, Romania

LAMI SA has taken care of the electric power supplies (MT/BT), the emergency current, the TGBT power distribution, the electrical studios of the building, and automation of the entire breadstick production line and its related safety system for the company Cornu Boulangerie, Romania…

Partner for over 30 years with the company Cornu Boulangerie, LAMI SA has designed 60% of the machines present in the complex of Line 52 in Timisoara, Romania. This innovative production line is located inside a new building, consisting of four floors and extending for 240 meters in length.

After having taken care of the electric power supplies (MT/BT), the emergency current, the TGBT power distribution and the electrical studios of the building, we carried out the automation of the entire production line and the safety system.

The machines in charge of electricity, instrumentation, regulation and automation have been designed by specialized engineers and are the following ones:

  • Lamination Systems with its mats
  • Breadsticks Make-up Machine, that can adapt the diameter of the products according to the needs of the customer
  • Cutting machine, the dimensions of which can be adjusted according to customer requirements
  • Different Leavening Proofers that allow the fermentation of products
  • Baking Tunnel Oven, which includes a system for regulating the electrical power required to uniform the heat distribution
  • Intermediate Storage Tower inside the oven for a greater safety process
  • Transport of goods by Conveyor Belt on the production line (more than 70 meters)
  • Plates Elevator/Descenders
  • Dosing Machine that separates each plate thanks to an intelligent automation

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